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Bausch BV Welkom

Dear Contractor,

Welcome to the Bausch + Lomb BV online induction course. The aim of this course is to ensure that you have a safe visit to our site. Your health and safety is of utmost importance to us at Bausch + Lomb. Enjoy the training and have a safe visit.

From the EHS team at Bausch + Lomb BV

How to take the training

The video and PDF instructions show the registration process when you proceed to the training website. Please view the video, or read the PDF and then continue to the training website.

To download STEP BY STEP instructions as a PDF —> CLICK HERE

When you are familiar with the registration process you may PROCEED TO THE TRAINING WEBSITE.


Our Location


Bausch + Lomb
European Logistics Center (ELC)
Koolhovenlaan 110
1119 NH  Schiphol-Rijk

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