Janssen Vaccines & Prevention – Returning Contractor


You selected option ‘b’, which means you have done the induction training before, and need to obtain a new certificate.

As you have done the training on a previous occasion, you already have an account on the system and should not register again using the registration link!

If you know your login and password, you can proceed directly to the login page and enter your details and use the step by step instructions shown in the video below to guide you through the process. Click here for the login page.

If you do not know your login and/or you need to reset your password, click here for instructions to reset your password. Don’t close this page: once you have reset your password successfully, follow the instructions below to obtain a new certificate.

How do I login?

1. Enter your login

2. Enter your password

3. Click to login

4. Add Course to your account

5. Complete the training and print certificate

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