M3 Motorway Services Induction


Dear new staff member,

Welcome to the M3 Services Mulhuddart, Online Induction Course. The aim of the course is to give you an idea of what you can expect when working at M3 Services Mulhuddart. You will find necessary information about your new workplace, all policies in place and what is expected from all employees working here.

All the best.

Donal and Liam Fitzpatrick

How to complete the Induction Course – Video

(M3 Services Mulhuddart Induction process is the same as Junction 14 which is shown below)

The M3 Services Mulhuddart Induction Programme is presented in conjunction with our Online Health and Safety partner, EazySafe who have set up a self registration process which is shown in the video above.

In order to proceed through the registration process, you should have been given a registration code by your department/section manager.

If you have not been given your registration code, please Phone 045 532480 ask for Duty Manager on duty and they will be able to provide you with the code.

**Important note : You only need to register ONE TIME on the system. Your login and password should be retained for future use.**

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Can’t see the video? No problem – here are the step by step instructions in handy PDF format  —> DOWNLOAD PDF INSTRUCTIONS.

Additional Supporting Documents

Throughout the online course there are references and downloadable links to various documentation which are all available below, along with additional documents your manager may refer you to from time to time.

Staff Handbook Link

Who’s Who